Monday, 13 July 2009

New Boy in Town

....Or rather on my shelf - which quite frankly is getting way outta hand. I have such a small kitchen anyway, there is just no justification for my ever expanding mountain of kitchenalia - I really do need this shelf space - but hey - life would be a bit dull without it. Anyway, here's my latest acquisition - THE BIG CHEESE!!! Why? I don't know why. I just like the colours. It's polystyrene and a 1970's shop display cheese. Of course it is, you knew that. Imagine the following....
DH: So dear what did you get at the carboot today?
MR: A big cheese.
DH: Right. Do we need a big cheese?
I had to. This boy is big Look...... Next to the old cheese grater, it looks positively terrifying. It's practical though - in a poolside emergency it can act as a life preserver, with it's incredible floating powers. Win win!! TTFN xxx


  1. Do let me know if you need to clear those shelves... I'd be happy to take some stuff of your hands ;o)

    What a lovely collection and looks fantastic,

    Victoria xx

  2. Yes are a girl after my own heart i like your taste ..a lot ! ..X

  3. You have a fabulous collection! It's hard to stop collecting when you're running out of space but we keep doing it because it brings us joy and inspiration! Have a great week!

    Sandy oxo

  4. Oh I am so envious of all those things stacked on that shelf.

    By the way what is Beryl the cat doing over here. She must like it!

  5. It is gorgeous how could you leave it there impossible not too x

  6. Pile em high .. I say! Wonderful collection.. I know just where you are coming from with the packaging thing... love old retro and vintage packaging.. it was so much more interesting then..