Friday, 17 July 2009

No time like the present

That present being one to myself. This was one of a few Christmas presents that I chose for myself last year and subsequently wrapped for myself also - no not bitter.
I love it - when the alarm goes the little clown dances to the chiming glory of a little German folk tune.
Not sure of the date - 50s? I suppose for someone who suffers from coulrophobia this is possibly the most terrifying image to wake up to isn't it - but he isn't one of those horrible scary clowns - even I don't like them.
The only hitch, just a small one, is that the alarm is stuck at 7.30 am, so considering school hols are upon us - no need for that thank you very much Coco.
Have a great weekend! TTFN xxxx


  1. Well i can see the appeal but as I hate clowns in any form and not realising i had coulrophobia LOL so thank you for letting me know...

  2. That is the cutest clock I have ever seen! I love it that the alarm is stuck on 7:30. I think it's wonderful you bought it as a present to yourself. I believe in that sort of thing:) Twyla

  3. Hi, I am a great fan of buying presents for myself, I am always doing it.

    I love the clock! I have never seen one like that before, good luck with getting up at 7.30 every morning. ;0)

    Love Lou xxx

  4. Yeah...not a fan of clowns either although this is more Harlequin than scary, terrifying, evil beast of the circus...

  5. I love it! So unusal, I haven't seen anything like it before.

    Victoria xx