Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Postcard from the Past.

Recently it was Armed Forces Day here in the UK and I have to admit it passed me by rather, which it shouldn't have. My father was probably the first generation in his family not to have to go to war - nor have my brothers - which detaches me slightly from the reality that so many people face daily with their loved ones. I bought this postcard, it reminded me of my Great grandfathers who fought in WW1 and the tragic stories that came back with them. This is Charlie my Great Grandfather (right) - he lost his brother in France. He was shot and still sent back to the front. (pictured front right) But like so many other 'men' he still found time to write a postcard to his Mother. TTFN xxxx


  1. What a wonderful postcard.

    My family are very military influenced and my brother served for a number of years from when he was 16!

    Victoria xx

  2. SO many families have been touched by war.. and it good to remember..

    I have a collection of these silk postcards.. they are so poignant with their messages of love ..

    Michele x

  3. What a beautiful postcard. Something that really makes you stop and think.

  4. I've never seen these before. They look too cheerful to be associated with such terrible times. We have family stories pieced together as my great-grandfather never spoke of it. He was the only surviving male in the whole family. His cousin was an officer who said goodbye to everyone before returning as he knew what his chances were. It's strange looking at pictures of him in his uniform, my dad's uncle who he never met, and yet as a young man he was the mirror image of him.

    I think it's really important to keep these mens stories alive for our children.

    I've rambled on, sorry Fleur.

    Lisa x

  5. Hello Fleur.. thank you for your visit.
    I might blog the postcard collection but I will definitely be taking them to the next V & H fair in November..

    Michele x

  6. What a lovely post!
    The postcard is beautiful and your photos are very special.
    I recently got my family photos from Mum to surprise my Dad with a family scrapbook for his birthday. The war photos of his Grandfather and Uncle (who never came home)will be included so future generations never forget.

    Kelly xx

  7. Yes, I don't think very much was made of 'Armed Forces' day which it should have been. My great uncle was killed in WW1 and we have a lot of memorabilia from and associated with him. What a pretty postcard that is that you bought and great to have the postcard sent to his mum. No, the pool wasn't in our suite - not quite that grand!