Thursday, 2 July 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I am fascinated by American history, I have a huge admiration for the foundations of this country, its values and vision. My father however has a boundless and incredible knowledge of American history and so for his 60th Birthday I presented to him a letter from a soldier on the front of battle during its civil war. It is from a Union Soldier called Dennis, his fate we will never know. To celebrate the 4th July I offer a transcript of this letter to you dear readers and offer my congratulations to all its citizens, especially in this Renaissance era.
New Madrid Missouri
March the 26th, 63
Dear Father
It is with pleasure that I find myself seated with pen in hand to converse with you through the silent medium of Pen and Paper. I received your kind and ever welcome communication Dated Ostalia (?) March the 2nd and was glad to learn through it that you was enjoying usual health and I hope this may find you still blessed with the same enjoyment. I wrote to you a few days since and you have no doubt ere this received, but it seems strange that it should take our communication so long to reach each other but the mails are so very irregular that we cannot tell when they will reach their destinations you will see by this that we are in the same place where we landed on the 2nd Jan, and are all in good spirits and the most of us in good health and stand ready to strike a blow for the cause of our Country at any moment when an opportunity shall present itself and if we have one desire above another it is to be permitted to return home to take an active part in the Revolution for which old Mahony escorts his conspirators to prepair (sic), I think that we could do an honor to humanity and that which would prove a blessing to our country and the cause of the Union by making a few less Mahonyites and Coperheads that are trying to busy their poisonous tushes deep into the heart of our glorious Republic and to destroy the Country which has afforded them, as well as us, life, liberty and, happiness. Father I have no news of interest to write, we have a battery attached to our Regt, it is composed of six Rifle Canons, , you wanted to know if I had seen David or heard from him? I have not seen him but I get letters from him every once in a while the last I got from him he was well and all right he was then in Miss. Well Father I hardly know what to write that will interest you, I think this job will soon be done up and then I will come home and tell you a long yarn, but perhaps you will not want to hear Army stories as you have seen enough yourself of the Army, but Dear Father please let this surfice (sic) for this time and you may expect another letter from me soon. I sent you an order to draw the money which I wish to pay you if you can get the order you may burn it up and find enclosed in this letter (if you ever get it) the sum of two Dollars ($2,00) which you will perhaps get sooner than with the order but should you have drew the money on order you can at some convenient time hand it back to Abbee and it will be all right again. From your affectionate Son Dennis {Please write to me often}
TTFN xxxx


  1. What a truly wonderful present for your Dad!
    I've been fortunate enough to of spent 4th July in America, it was such an amazing and emotional experience.
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing that with us,

    Victoria xx

  3. Thank you so much! And for sharing with us! It is so easy over here to lose respect for our own country especially when so many other countries thanks so much for this ;) It makes me feel proud ;)

  4. Lovely vintage pictures!
    Happy 4th of July (even if you are not an American girl)!!! :)