Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mothering by Numbers.

So, one more day and the kiddies are on holiday and am I ready? Actually mentally no - but I have stocked up on crafty, making stuff for those inevitable rainy days so practically speaking....ish. (It's like waiting for an invasion) Sometime ago I went to a car boot and found a box of vintage colouring books and bought them all for £2. Not one had been used and of course I'm sorely tempted to keep it that way - however once they are coloured in I think I will write a little passage in the front of each girls book and keep them as a 2009 holiday mementos. I have been so organised that I have even bought via Ebay a 'Holiday Craft Cupboard' which is getting delivered tonight - I will post pics soon! Having so many of these bits & bobs - I am thinking of having a GIANT GIVE AWAY!!!! If.....if.....I can reach 100 Followers by my 100th Post (eek) - to do that though I think I will offer a little incentive. Ooohh the suspense!!
TTFN xxxx


  1. What great colouring books. Hopefully we'll have some sunny days to keep little ones busy...hmm wishful thinking?

  2. Love these books and what a bargain at £2.00!
    I've just declared myself officially SAD, i've been sat here for the past 5 minutes playing with your pussy (cat) and getting very strange looks as I sit here laughing.
    A book named after you eh! I hope you told her/him that you wanted a couple 'hehe'!
    Enjoy the hols, Jess doesn't break up till Friday, PHEW. Of course now they're on about adding 4 weeks to the hols because of swine flu, i'm starting to panic!
    Beki xxx

  3. So glad you are going to use the colouring books. They will be lovely to keep and look back on. Look forward to seeing your craft cupboard.
    Cal x

  4. Oh the books are great!
    good luck for the holidays xxxx

  5. Oh can I come round and craft over the holidays?! I can't wait to see the craft cupboard.

    Victoria xx

  6. Sounds like you have a great summer break planned for the girls, can I come over too!!
    Sophie xxx

  7. The craft cupboard sounds exciting! My boys have been on holiday for three weeks now, and are into origami, decorated biscuits and wooden train sets. It's amazing how the old toys can still entertain them and trigger their imagination, even at the ages of 10 and 12! I hope your holidays go really well.

    I gave an incentive for people to follow by offering an extra entry in my giveaway for every follower. That worked quite well, although I have now settled down at 65 followers, so best of luck to get 100! I think that a lot of people can keep track of blogs through other systems, so a good number of regular readers just don't think to add their pic to the Followers list.

  8. Hmmm- perhaps 100 is a bit optimistic!!!