Monday, 22 June 2009

The Cat's Whiskers!

Isn't she way too cute?
Wow, if somebody had told me when I was 18 that I would even have this in my house, never mind give it pride of place I would have thrown my All About Eve album straight at it. A recent purchase from a charity shop for £6 which is way more than I usually pay for anything, but she just looked so lonely and pretty. Also I have noticed a rather alarming upturn in cat ornaments in our local CShops. I fear some old lady cat lover has passed on - sad - unless you collect cat ornaments I suppose. TTFN xxxx


  1. i feel the same way about my recent china posy collection!
    I had forgotten all about 'All About Eve' until you mentioned them. They filmed the video for Caravan of Love at my parents farm and I was very surprised and excited to return from my holiday to find the house being used as a make up room and the filming taking part in the old barn!

    thanks for reminding me a a lovely time
    MM xx

  2. Well I have to say she is quite cute, but I am not sure I would have bought her but so glad she went to a loving home where she will be loved and cared for xxx

  3. She is so sweet! Just the sort of thing my great aunts had on their dressing tables & used to give to my sister & I as little gifts when we visited.


  4. Your comment about increase in cats made me laugh as this weekend at my town fair there was a stall filled with china that I thought was right up my street until I got closer and released it was for a cat charity and everything had cats on it!

    Nothing as cute as what you found unfortunately.

    Victoria xx

  5. This is very gorgeous - that is a real keepsake! xxx