Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hanger On a Minute!!!

I think it's a bit weird and alot wrong to be so happy about a Clothes Horse - but I am, I'm really happy, I love it. So here's why I love it - added to the fact it is an old one, a wooden one, wait for it.....it has strips of eggshell plastic on the bars. Then it occurred to me - I COULD HAVE BLUMMIN' DONE THAT - and saved myself....well alot of pennies. So if you like what you see - top tip - don't be a fool like me and get yourself some sticky oil cloth and DIY!!!!! Equally as distressing is my reaction to these.... I practically jumped up and down like a winning contestant on a silly game show when I found these at a fete and saw they only cost 50p for the lot.They are nice though aren't they ? Just nod, I may be dangerous - I'm starting to worry.I had the alphabet one as a child - but I had no idea there was a collection to be had!!!!The hooks even swivel so you can hang them on doors etc. Oh dear lord - what has become of me? TTFN xxxxxx


  1. Things like this excite me too. So, if you're dangerous then so am I 'hehe'!
    I remember those hangers, I even had them for my eldest son. If only we knew all those years ago that we would want all this stuff in the future. I am now so cautious as to what I get rid of, hence why I need a bigger place lol!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Um ... I may be off now to look on Ebay for hangers like those ... I will join you in the looney bin :)

    I had a pink nursery rhyme themed one when I was little, I wonder where that's gone...

  3. I had those hangers too, probably still in my parents attic, they never throw anything out. Mind you hard to get past the gatekeeper (my dad) to have a rootle around.

    Lisa x

  4. Oh the clothes horse is beautiful bet it will last much longer than the more modern ones. AND I remember the hangers... they are great and for that price you couldnt leave them behind

  5. Love your clothes horse, I've been after a wooden one for ages now! xxx

  6. Those hangars ARE especially nice when you have the lot of them!

  7. You need things to keep laundry interesting, I must be loony too as it all looks great to me!!
    Twiggy x

  8. I'd have been jumping up and down at those hangers too!

    Victoria xx

  9. Hi Fleur..Thankyou for your caring words they ment a lot to me...Chris,s birthday was so soon after too ,,he still has them !...I always buy something pretty to plant in the garden to remind me of his birth ...this year it was climbing roses
    Your garage looks really interesting ...!some fab things in there ours is packed to the gunnels but am dreading the sort out ..will take weeks !! Love Kieren x