Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Shame of my Garage

WARNING: YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO VIEW A PRETTY BLOG - FAR FROM. Revealing this darkside to my fellow bloggers is part of my therapy following my deep anxiety about becoming unhealthily obsessed with plastic coat hangers. Ladies and Gentlemen I present Marble Rose's Garage. Alright, off you go, have a'd rather not. OK. Some of you may have read that I rent my house, this is the third one in two years, don't ask. They are beautiful houses, but some things just don't 'fit' literally, or they just don't 'fit in' to some places. Therefore, ALOT of stuff stays in my garage. Can you see my lovely SMEG? No room for my beloved fridge freezer here. I don't like to talk about it. Oh and the piano - no room. ........sniff. But of recent I am rediscovering stuff I had totally - utterly - completely forgotten about. What's terrible is I am now buying things I already have which typically a few weeks later I unearth in said abyss of 'treasures' It's like going to a carboot, but with stuff I love and it's free!!!!! I just love this light - I think it may be Italian? I wish the detailing was better in this picture, it is so delicate. But alas - no electric tampering in a rented home. I used to hang these old Victorian Adverts for washing powder and soap in my utility room, but we don't bother hanging pictures anymore, because when we leave we have to re-plaster the walls.Lovely old crates with all sorts of material.Books - don't even go there girlfriend (boyfriend) (?) I don't really bother unpacking most of my china bits, but sometimes on a rainy day, I lucky dip for something.A needle point of HM's Coronation, wish I could find a place for this (sigh). Obviously there is the usually tat - cat litters, car seats, buckets and spades that we buy every time we go on holiday - but occasionally I find something really great! NOTE TO SELF: I am I am I am going to rescue my collection of antique board games and dolls this week and find them a home. Some things belong in the garage. I have no idea why I bought this orange 1960's chair. Although you do feel a bit like you are on Big Brother when you sit in it. So then, time to get outta here.........what did you find? I found this...... Something to keep the sun off my aging brow, oh look the sun's going in, I'll put it back in the garage. TTFN xxxxx


  1. OMG, that light is to die for, i'm in love.......swoon and I love the wooden chest in the first picture!
    Like you, we rent and it's a real pain in the butt not being able to do anything.
    Beki xxx

  2. Can I come round for a rummage?!! What a treasure trove... it's somewhat like my garage at home piled with boxes of goodies for when I move out of home.

    My dad is currently on his routine of advising me he will shortly be throwing "everything" out!

    Victoria x

  3. Looks dangerous - if you move anything it might fall on you. Our garage is pretty similar as we don't have an attic. We just open a door from the house and chuck it in there without even turning on the light to get depressed by the mess. I sometimes wonder about my reality blog of flooded muddy garden and all the mess.

    Lisa x

  4. Fantastic, looks tidy compared to my garage. It has 7 bikes in it and a knacked old car that belongs to Mr Twigs, I don't even go in there anymore it's too disturbing :)
    Twiggy x

  5. I think you should not call it a Garage, but a Memory Room!

  6. That looks like my idea of heaven....!
    You should see our spare room since I returned from the fair... no sign of a bed any more.. just a mountain of boxes!


  7. Oh wow - maybe it's more fun to have it piled up like that, never knowing what you're going to find next? My spare bedroom looks worringly similar - Ben's building a huge shed in the garden and when it's finished, the boys won't have to share any more and I'll get to do your 'lucky dip' thing with everything I've dumped in there!

  8. Your garage is like an Aladdins cave! I adore that light! xxx

  9. you've got some lovely bits hiding in there, Id rather have a smeg fridge than a cooker, he he!! i love them!!
    felicity xx

  10. You are so brave to post pics like that - I wouldn't dare post pics of my garage, or maybe I should to force myself to get it in hand. It's just as bad, but I think you have some more wonderful treasures in yours. I'd love to pop over to yours for a garage sale!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my crochet mushrooms - using them on a children's hat would be a fab idea, but the child may not think so as they got old enough to think, LOL.