Monday, 8 June 2009

Is it nearly Easter yet?

Because I was in TK MAX (J in USA?) (is he on the run or something?) when I found a shelf of old Easter stock - MASSIVELY reduced in price. Above are two statues that look foil wrapped, all glistening and gorgeously colourful Below is a wooden ornament, an Egg Car with Happy Easter on the front, then there is the glitter egg garland. So there was no way I could leave these goodies behind - could I? If you enlarge the top picture you might actually see the real Easter Bunny, I'm quite obviously confusing him. TTFN xxxxx


  1. Oooh cute goodies! love the foil looking statues and the wooden ornament so cute any time of the year. Love the colours on of them too. YUM!


  2. Hi
    Oh they are wonderful ,of course you could not leave them .
    They were waiting on you to be rescued and given a good home :)
    Thank you for sharing .
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. I love TK Maxx for their Easter (and other holiday's!) goodies. I brought a load of things earlier this year and have tried to remain strong and avoid the items in the sale as I fear faux chocolate bunnies might take over the house!!

    Victoria xx