Monday, 8 June 2009

Tea for....Twenty Seven, I believe?

Firstly, a big Thank You to all of those wonderful 26 who have been following this Blog, it really makes it feel worth while and very special! I don't like to gush, but all this means a great deal to me right now. Alright, I'm holding my hands really high, I admit it, I have a tea-set addiction, there I said it. But this one is special (do I sound like a teenager introducing their latest love interest?) It is perfect though isn't it? Actually it is, there isn't one little chip. The maker's mark is a sideways diamond shape with the letters TOA in it - and it is really petite and delicate. All for a whooping £2.00 at CS, contented sigh, life is good. I am very, very determined to use this, but I think it averages out at eight of these tea cups to one of my normal clunky mugs. If anyone knows anything on this design or maker, I would love to know more please, over a cuppa perhaps? TTFN xxxxx


  1. These are beautiful! I'm sorry I don't know anything about that marking though. You are already entered into my give away, all you had to do was leave a comment on my post. Good Luck! Have a nice day! Twyla

  2. They're lovely, what a find. They'd have to be hidden away in my house or they'd be broken in a flash!
    Hen x

  3. mmmm...thanks for the cup of tea...may I have another please?
    That is a very pretty set.


  4. You need to start this post
    Hello I am Marble Rose and I have an addiction to tea sets LOL
    They are lovely and if you can get them for £2 then why not x

  5. love the teaset, i am collecting them at the moment for making candles in for wedding decorations. sorry i am no help with the maker. x

  6. I THINK my mum has a book of china marks and I am going to her home tomorrow! (This involves an aeroplane.) If I can find the book I'll do some research for you. That tea set is very special indeed. I saw a wonderful clock (very large) made out of individual cups and saucers - one for each hour. It was in a French magazine and I've always wondered about recreating it.

  7. Beautiful tea set and such a bargain too!
    Love your previous post, you had some wonderful ideas for you wedding!

  8. ooo pretty tea set - 1 sugar for me please ;-)
    thanks for visiting my blog as means ive found yours :-)
    as for my half hearted attempts there are far to many talented people in blogland for me to embarrass myself in front off so keeping them hidden for now LOL
    although i will show you mine if you show me yours ;-)
    will pop back again soon!
    Lesley x

  9. Gorgeous, you can never have too many tea-sets!
    Beautiful blog.
    Yvonne x

  10. Hiya, I've just discovered your delightful blog and will definitely be back to visit again :) I love the tea cups, so pretty and elegant :)

  11. Hi Fleur

    Just wanted to say crafty prozac should be patented as a phrase for only your use. Not odd, just perfect - thanks for that.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  12. Soooo beautiful. I love china with flowers, and the shape of the cups is lovely. Sorry, I dont know the maker either X

  13. Hi again! Do you know what you have done, building up the piratey theme on my blog? I'm now going round the charity shops of Edinburgh with my map unfurled, humming 'Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me' under my breath! (Or hopefully under my breath - when loud vehicles went past I think I got a bit louder!)

    Anyway, pictures of the first haul of treasure are now available on my blog, thanks to a morbid fear of Lululiz getting any crosser...

  14. PS - my mum thinks she knows where her china mark book is so I'm on the trail!

  15. Hello
    Have I have tagged you xxxx