Monday, 29 June 2009

I LOVE Mabel LUCY Attwell

My DH bought a little vintage MLA tin for me, for our Anniversary - 10 years traditionally being tin. Here it is with my (so proud) 1st edition MLA Annual. I love MLA so much, I think from the moment I saw her Peter Pan illustrations as a child she had me hooked, they are so gentle, thoughtful, magical and curious - it's no wonder JM Barrie requested her personally for the giftbook edition of his wonderful story.
I thought this little poem about knitting suited some of us long suffering knitters......
I'm thinking of blowing this up and making a poster - another Marble Rose product! (have you noticed the shop link yet?) (eek) TTFN xxxxxx


  1. What a lovely post.
    Her illustrations are just fantastic.
    Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Aren't you lucky to have that first edition? Your pencil cases are lovely too - I hope (and expect) that your shop is a real success.

  3. I love MLA... I'm actually watching a few bits on eBay at the moment!

    I'm off to check out your shop now!

    Victoria xx

  4. MLA characters have great appeal..
    I had a giveaway last year with a MLA book as a prize.. maybe I should do another..
    Love your shop stock.. I am sure your charming pencil cases will be a sell out.

    Michele x

  5. I love MLA too, haven't seen the knitting poem before cute! Your shop is looking great.
    Yvonne x

  6. I did a double take that you were intending to blow up Mable! Have you been over to Elfie and me - I think you two are kindred spirits! Thanks for your funny comment! It wan't the tube that amazed me so much as the fact that they would have thrown it out if they hadn't needed a container for the pennies! clearly they haven't had a visit from Mary Portas! t.xx

  7. I've got a round MLA tin with a little girl knitting. It would go perfectly with the poem. I'll have to post a pic Fleur.

    Lisa x

  8. MLA makes me very nostalgic - part of my childhood, sweet and funny.