Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Ladybird Picture Puzzle

I love vintage Ladybird Books and if I find one at a carboot or CS it makes my day a weency bit special. My favourite is the 606D Fairytale books, but since I completed that collection I have turned to other ranges to become obsessed with. This is the 401 range, the Animal Rhymes collection dating back from the 1940s. So..... I was out one summer morning carbooting and came across this rather large picture. Immediately I recognised some of my favourite characters, the Green Umbrella rabbit being the most obvious and couldn't understand why nobody else had snapped it up? So after a bit of wrangling I paid the princely sum of £5 and tried to contain my excitement as I trekked back to the car.It is very well framed and for the life of me I can't tell whether this is a print or an original? HOWEVER - the artist's signature is Margaret Tarrent and as far as I know she didn't illustrate these books, it was mainly A J MacGregor. So what gives? Either this is a fake, but why bother signing it with her name? Is it an original print with a fake signature? Or is it a Margaret Tarrent tribute to AJ MacGregor? It's a mystery and I can't get to the bottom of it! Regardless, it's a beautiful picture for the playroom and whoever painted it, it makes me smile. Finally I really want to thank Beki at The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy and Mandy at Live Laugh & Love for the Awards they have given to me - thank you friends, how lovely you are. If you haven't yet been to their blogs you must you must!!!!! And etiquette dictates I now pass this to 6 deserved blogs - which they all are of course - but these are a few that inspired me to blog and encourage me to keep blogging. TTFNxxx


  1. That's a real mystery because it looks like A.J.Macgregor's illustrations!!
    It's a wonderful find though!
    Thanks so much for the award..a lovely surprise!

  2. Thanks Fleur for the award and the sentiments behind it, very much appreciated. Glad you do keep blogging as you're a good place to visit.

    From memory I thought Margaret Tarrant painted fairies. Maybe AJMacgregor was on holiday so she stepped in. It's gorgeous, I also hanker after a Molly Brett or two.

    Lisa x

  3. It looks like you have a pretty fabulous Ladybird book collection... mine is growing slowly and like you I jump for joy when I find one at a car boot or in a charity shop!

    Thank you so much for my award

    Victoria xxx

  4. Oh I used to have The Bunney-fluffs moving day when I was little and loved it, great picture
    twiggy x

  5. Thanks for stopping by my place ;)You have a wonderful collection of children's books indeed! Congrats on the blog award too!

    Sandy xox

  6. Oh, thanks so much for this award, and for pointing it out to me! I am rather busy at the moment...

  7. Thank you so much for the award - it's the first one for my new blog!

    Love the picture whoever it's by!


  8. Love that Victorian card!!!!!

    P.S. OK, so I found the plastic nursery hanger from when I was teeny, heeee!! I know you understand the glee.

    My mother is cleaning out the basement and I brought a load of stuff back and when I saw it I just yelped, my husband thought I had found a cache of diamonds!!

    I should post a wee photo of it!